8.11 Configuring the Root Cause Portlet

The Root Cause portlet displays both a summary and details regarding the cause of the selected element’s current state.

The Root Cause portlet is also available as a view from other Operations Center portlets including Alarms, Layout, Tree Map, Element Properties, Properties Table, Show Impacted, Chart Builder, Performance and Summary. Click Actions and select Go to > Root Cause from any of these portlets.

Figure 8-11 Root Cause Portlet Displaying the Root Cause Component with Display Notes Selected

Element state is indicated by a status icon, the color of which corresponds to the element’s current condition that is mapped to colors in the Operations Center server. For more information about element condition settings, see Managing Condition/Severity Colors in the Operations Center 5.6 User Guide.

Element details can vary by the type of element and the alarms associated with it. Details, which is a configuration turned off by default, can include the number of active alarms, the highest alarm severity, the alarm id numbers, and so on.

To configure the Root Cause portlet:

  1. Click Options and select Preferences.

  2. Click the Root Cause tab.

    For other portlets other than Root Cause, the Root Cause tab is found under the Advanced tab.

  3. Select the Display Notes check box to display more details for each element.

  4. Click Save.