10.0 Chart Builder Portlet

The Chart Builder portlet allows you to build and deploy charts containing data from Operations Center that meet the reporting needs of your organization.

The Chart Builder portlet is also available as a view from other Operations Center portlets including Alarms, Element Properties, Properties Table, Show Impacted, Tree Map, Root Cause, and Performance. Click Actions and select Go to > Chart Builder from any of these portlets.

The Chart Builder functionality relies on the Image server for delivery of charts. For more information about the Image server settings in the Configuration Manager, see Section 2.2.1, Verifying Your Operations Center Server’s Default Accounts and Configuration Settings and Section 2.2.5, Configuring the Dashboard, Operations Center Server, and the Image Server. For more information about using and configuring the Image Server, see Image Server Pane and Using the Image Serverin the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.

Chart Builder does not support SVG rendering for Mozilla Firefox; users must select Flash, PNG, or JPG to view data through Chart Builder.

Charts use templates that leverage data from Operations Center. Templates are PCXML files that use the Operations Center JSP tag libraries to incorporate data from Operations Center. The Dashboard has predefined templates that are ready to use, or you can create your own custom templates.