4.4 Symantec Clarity

Symantec Clarity is an automated, real-time IT service configuration management solution that automatically discovers application components in the infrastructure, dynamically maps their relationships, and tracks changes in real time. Use Operations Center’s Symantec Clarity adapter to leverage this information and create a complete picture of the environment.

Use the following steps to create a Symantec Clarity adapter. Follow the links to sections that provide more detailed information.

To integrate Symantec Clarity:

  1. Edit the Symantec ClarityHierarchy.xml file to customize the adapter hierarchy structure.

    For instructions, see Section 2.4, Customizing the Adapter Hierarchy.

  2. Create a Symantec Clarity adapter in Operations Center.

    For instructions, see Section 2.1, Creating an Adapter.

    For property descriptions, see Table A-32, Symantec Clarity Adapter Properties.