A.36 Symantec Clarity

Table A-32 Symantec Clarity Adapter Properties



Alarm Columns

A comma-separated list that determines which alarm columns display and the order in which the alarm items display (source of alarm, alarm class, etc.) in the Alarms view. A suggested list is:

assignedTo, description, status, lastModifiedBy, createDate, submitter

Elements Timeout

The length of time, in seconds, to age out elements. If no open alarms exist and the element’s condition does not change in n seconds, and the element has no children, then the element disappears. The element redisplays if another alarm is generated. The default is 300 seconds.

AgeOutTime < 0: Never age out.

AgeOutTime = 0: Age out immediately.

AgeOutTime > 0: Age out after specified time expires.

Hierarchy File

A file in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database directory that contains an XML description of the element hierarchy to build below the adapter element. The default is examples/Symantec ClarityHierarchy.xml.


The hostname for the Symantec Clarity server.

Max Alarms

The maximum number of alarms that the adapter queries and retains. Enter 0 to allow an unlimited number of alarms. The default is 1000.

Max Alarms Per Query

The maximum number of alarms to retrieve per query. The default is 1000.


The password for database account.


The port number on which the database listens. The default is 1521.


A script that executes if the adapter fails for any reason. For example, the script can print the reason for the failure as msg using log.info(msg).


A script that executes when the adapter initializes.


A script that executes when the adapter starts, either manually or automatically when the Operations Center server starts.


A script that executes after manually stopping the adapter.

Server Id

The server ID or database name.

User Name

The user name for the database account.