4.0 Configuring Data Collection

Sentinel Log Manager can collect data from a wide range of event sources, such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, operating systems, routers, databases, switches, mainframes, antivirus applications, and Novell applications. A modular architecture divides the task of protocol-level connections (Connectors) and the parsing logic (Collectors) for specific event sources.

Novell Sentinel Log Manager supports a wide variety of protocols by using the Connector plug-ins and specific event parsing by using the Collector plug-ins.

The configuration required to connect to and parse events from a new data source varies depending on the type of event source and the communication method selected.

The best source of information for configuring data collection for a specific device is the detailed documentation available with each Collector and Connector plug-in. This guide includes several basic examples of common data collection scenarios, but the documents that come with the Collector and Connector plug-ins provide much more detail about configuration options.