5.0 Searching

Novell® Sentinel™ Log Manager can perform a search on events. Each time you perform a search for an event, a tab opens with the search results. In each tab you can again refine your search.

The search includes all the online data currently in the flat files at the data directory and the archived data in zip format at the configured location; and can also include searching of internal events of Sentinel Log Manager if you select Include System Events. By default, events are returned in a loosely time sorted order in reverse chronological order. This sort order relates to how the events are stored in the file system partitions.

Basic event information includes event name, source, time, severity, information about the initiator (represented by an arrow icon), and information about the target (represented by a bull’s-eye icon).

This section gives you an understanding of searching for an event, refining search results, viewing search results, exporting the search results, saving a search query as report template, and sending the search results to an action instance.