5.6 Sending Search Results to an Action

You can send search results to a selected action in the Sentinel Log Manager by using the send results to link at the top of the search results. The send results to link is displayed after performing a search.

  1. Log in to Novell Sentinel Log Manager.

  2. Perform a search.

  3. To send the search results to an action, click the send results to link.

    A Send Results To window is displayed.

  4. The Action field displays the list of actions. Select an action from the drop-down list.

    For more information about actions and configuring actions, see Section 7.2, Configuring Actions.

  5. In the Event Limit field, specify the maximum number of events to be sent to the action.

    The default value for the event limit is the number of search results obtained for that particular search.

  6. Click Send to send the search results to the selected action.