Identity Manager 4.0.1 Framework Installation Guide

  Identity Manager 4.0.1 Framework Installation Guide
      Setting Up a Development Environment
      Creating a Project Plan
        Discovery Phase
        Requirements and Design Analysis Phase
        Proof of Concept
        Data Validation and Preparation
        Production Pilot
        Production Rollout Planning
        Production Deployment
      Technical Guidelines
        Management Tools Guidelines
        Metadirectory Server Guidelines
        eDirectory Guidelines
        User Application
        Auditing and Reporting Guidelines
      Basic Identity Manager System Checklist
        Driver Configuration with the Remote Loader
        Driver Configuration without the Remote Loader
        Additional Configuration
      Where to Get Identity Manager
      System Requirements
        eDirectory and iManager
        Metadirectory Server
        Remote Loader
        User Application
        Auditing and Reporting
        Resource Requirements
      Installing Identity Manager
        Installing Analyzer
        Installing Designer
        Installing eDirectory
        Installing iManager
        Installing the Metadirectory Server
        Installing the Remote Loader
        Installing the Driver Files
        Installing the Roles Based Provisioning Module
        Installing a Custom Driver
        Installing the Role Mapping Administrator
        Installing the Identity Reporting Module or Sentinel
        Installing the Identity Manager 4.0.1 Patch
        Language Support for the Identity Manager Installers
      Activating Novell Identity Manager Products
        Purchasing an Identity Manager Product License
        Installing a Product Activation Credential
        Viewing Product Activations for Identity Manager and for Drivers
        Activating Identity Manager Drivers
        Activating Analyzer
        Activating Designer and the Role Mapping Administrator
      Troubleshooting Identity Manager
      What’s New
        What’s New in Identity Manager 4.0.1
        What’s New in Identity Manager 4.0
    Upgrading Identity Manager
      Upgrade Versus Migration
    Uninstalling Identity Manager
      Uninstalling the Identity Manager Components
        Removing Objects from eDirectory
        Uninstalling the Metadirectory Server
        Uninstalling the Remote Loader
        Uninstalling the Roles Based Provisioning Module
        Uninstalling the Identity Reporting Module Components
        Uninstalling iManager
        Uninstalling eDirectory
        Uninstalling Analyzer
        Uninstalling Designer
        Uninstalling the Role Mapping Administrator
    Legal Notices