<search-condtion> is used specify a logical conditional search expression to be evaluated while performing a search. It can be enclosed inside a <query> or a <search-condtion>.

A <search-condtion> element can have combination of <search-attr> and <search-condtion>.

A <search-condtion> element along with its children can be read as a prefix expression, where the <search-condtion> is the operator and its children are the operands in the expression.

Possible names for the search condition are:

a logical and operation should be performed on the enclosed operands.
a logical or operation should be performed on the enclosed operands.
a logical not operation should be performed on the enclosed operand. If the attribute name is set to not, the search-condition should have only one child, either <search-attr>> or a <search-condtion>

With a combination <search-condtion> and <search-attr> elements, more granular search filters can specified while performing a query.


<!-- search the whole application for a User object whose the Surname of Jones -->
<!-- and does not belong to the department(OU) IAM -->
<search-condition name="and">
<search-attr attr-name="OU">
<value type="string">IAM</value>
<search-condition name="not">
<search-attr attr-name="Surname">
<value type="string">Jones</value>

1. Allowed Content

Query search condition filter.
Query search attribute value filter.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
name and   |  or   |  not
Name of the condition.
search-criteria-id CDATA
Holds the id of a search criteria.
When a non-empty result is received for a particular search-criteria, this value will be appended as an attribute to the instance document(s)

This value will only be used when the attribute return-on-first-match is set to true on <query> element.
If this attribute is absent, the index position of the <search-condtion> under <query> will be appended to the instance document.

3. Content Rule

(( search-condition | search-attr ) + )

4. Parent Elements

  Query command.
  Query command with result count limit.
  Query search condition filter.

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