<search-attr> is used to specify the object attributes to be searched for by the enclosing <query> command. Each <search-attr> should contain at least one <value>


See <query>

1. Allowed Content

The attribute value.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
attr-name CDATA
The name of the attribute.
The name is mapped between the application and eDirectory name spaces by the schema mapping rule so that DirXML will see the name in the eDirectory name space and a driver will see the name in the application name space. The mapping rule uses the class-name attribute of the enclosing command or event to determine which class to use for mapping the attribute name.
search-criteria-id CDATA
Holds the id of a search criteria.
When a non-empty result is received for a particular search-criteria, this value will be appended as an attribute to the instance document(s)

This value will only be used when the attribute return-on-first-match is set to true on <query> element.
If this attribute is absent, the index position of the <search-attr> under <query> will be appended to the instance document.

3. Content Rule

( value ) +

4. Parent Elements

  Query command.
  Query command with result count limit.
  Query search condition filter.

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