9.7 Library Objects

Packages replace and enhance the functionality that library objects provide. For more information about packages, see Managing Packages in the NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager Administration Guide.

Library objects store multiple policies and other resources that are shared by one or more drivers. A library object can be created in a driver set object or any eDirectory container. Multiple libraries can exist in an eDirectory tree. Drivers can reference any library in the tree as long as the server running the driver holds a Read/Write or Master replica of the library object.

Style sheets, policies, rules, and other resource objects can be stored in a library and be referenced by one or more drivers.

9.7.1 Creating Library Objects

  1. Right-click a driver set or the Identity Vault object in the Outline view, then click New > Library.

  2. Specify the name of the library object, then click OK.

    Creating a library object field

9.7.2 Adding Policies to the Library Objects

Libraries can hold any policy, XSLT style sheets, or any type of resource object.

  1. Right-click the library object, select New, then select the type of object you want stored in the library. The options are:

9.7.3 Using Policies in the Library Objects

After you have created the library, you can use any of the resources stored in the library in any policy.

  1. Double-click the desired policy in the Outline view.

  2. Right-click in the Policy Builder, then select New > Include > Insert Include Before or Insert Include After.

  3. Browse to and select the desired resource stored in the library object, then click OK twice.

    Browse to and select the resource