13.25 Multitenancy Options

IMPORTANT:The Multitenancy Options policy is not available in Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS) version.

In this policy, you can enable the Multitenancy mode.

A tenant is a company with a group of users sharing common access with specific privileges. The Multitenancy options policy helps you to create a single instance of Advanced Authentication solution that supports multiple tenants.

Enable Multitenancy mode to support more than one tenant on a single appliance.

For workstations with Windows Client, Mac OS X Client, or Linux PAM Client installed, you must perform the following steps before you enable Multitenancy options:

  1. Ensure that you have installed Advanced Authentication 5.4 or later Client components.

  2. Configure the Clients to point to a tenant.

These steps are critical and if not performed, the users cannot log in to the workstations.

IMPORTANT:The Multitenancy options policy is hidden when your license does not have the Multitenancy feature. To have the policy, you must apply for a license that contains the Multitenancy feature.