Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5 Patch 1 Release Notes

September 2021

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5 Patch 1 includes enhancements, improves usability, and resolves several previous issues.

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1.0 What’s New?

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5 Patch 1 provides the following enhancements in this release:



Support NFC Cards for Web Authentication

Advanced Authentication extends the Card method capabilities to enable users to use Near Field Communication (NFC) cards to authenticate to OAuth 2.0/ OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0 events, and Advanced Authentication portals.

A Setting to Choose the Camera for Facial Recognition Method

A new parameter, video.deviceId is introduced in the Advanced Authentication Device Service. This parameter enables you to configure the camera for the Facial Recognition method enrollment and authentication.

For more information, see Facial Recognition in the Advanced Authentication - Device Service guide.

Support for Customization and Localization of the Chain Message in the Linux PAM Client

A new key, client.linux.chain_number is introduced in the Custom Localization file. This key enables the administrator to customize and localize the chain message, Enter chain number in the Linux PAM Client.

For more information, see Custom Messages in the Advanced Authentication - Administration guide.

Setting to Use Biometrics Without PIN

Advanced Authentication extended capabilities of the Require biometrics option. Using this option, you can enable biometrics without enabling the PIN request. From the next release, smartphone applications will support this enhancement.

For more information, see Smartphone in the Advanced Authentication - Administration guide.

Enhanced Risk Service

In this release, Advanced Authentication includes Risk Service In the new update, Risk Service updated the third-party libraries.

2.0 Security Vulnerability Fixes

This release resolved several security vulnerabilities, and we strongly recommend upgrading.

Micro Focus would like to offer special thanks and appreciation to Frank Spierings of Warpnet B.V. for following responsible disclosure practices and responsibly disclosing this vulnerability to us. (CVE-2021-22509)

3.0 Resolved Issues

This release includes the following software fixes:



Administration Portal

After every successful authentication, Syslog recorded the User was unlocked event with the code 611. Now the event is not registered.

Administration Portal

The following warning message is displayed even though the number of users does not exceed the license limit:

Number of users for the LOCAL exceed the license limit Number of users for the Repo 1 exceed the license limit.

Similarly, the following warning message is displayed even though the number of users in multitenancy does not exceed the license limit:

Number of users for the LOCAL will soon exceed the license limit Number of users for the Repo 1 will soon exceed the license limit.

Administration Portal

Sometimes, users are accidentally removed from the Advanced Authentication database after the full or fast synchronization.

Device Service

When a user tries to connect a PKI token to the Ubuntu system, the Device Service does not recognize the PKI token. After restarting the Device Service, the token was recognized.

Enrollment Portal

When a user enrolls the U2F Yubikey by using Google Chrome on Mac or Windows workstation, the following error message is displayed when the user touches the Yubikey:

Enroll failed: Device is not attested. Contact your administrator to upload your token attestation certificate.

Enrollment Portal

The PKI method stopped supporting the multi-SingleResp OCSP responses after a third-party library replacement in Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5.

Linux PAM Client

While activating the domain or file, the user is not prompted to accept the license terms in SLES OS.

Mac OS Client

The local users are able to log in to the macOS workstation even after setting the disable_local_accounts parameter to True.

Mac OS Client

In the Mac OS client login page, the focus is not placed in the Username field and does not allow the user to type the username until the user moves focus to the username field.

Out-of-Band Portal

The OOB push notification stops after the session and does not send the notification again after new login from the same device.

Out-of-Band Portal

While receiving the push notification, the following error message is displayed if the installed authentication agent is kept unclosed, but the last session is logged out or expired:

AttributeError 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'event'


The users marked for removal for N days specified in the Users Synchronization Options policy cannot perform the RADIUS authentication. However, the users are automatically recovered if they perform any other authentication.

Web Authentication

When Advanced Authentication 6.3 was installed, but at least OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 event was not configured before upgrading to Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5, the Web Authentication does not work.

Web Authentication

Users are not able to log in to Web Authentication events using the OOB method. The message This page isn't working with the error code ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is displayed.

Web Authentication

While using Smartphone offline method to authenticate, there is no space between Waiting for you to accept the authentication request in the Advanced Authentication app.. message and the OTP field in the Web Authentication event.

Web Authentication

The Web Authentication interface does not scale to the browser window size.

Web Authentication

While authenticating using the Smartphone method, users cannot find the OTP field to specify the TOTP during offline authentication.

4.0 Upgrading

The recommended upgrade sequence is the upgrade of Advanced Authentication servers, followed by plug-ins and Client components. Any change in the upgrade sequence is not supported. You can upgrade to Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5 Patch 1 from one of the following versions of Advanced Authentication:

  • 6.3

  • 6.3.1

  • 6.3.2

  • 6.3.3

  • 6.3.4

  • 6.3.5

For more information about upgrading from Advanced Authentication 6.2, see Upgrading Advanced Authentication in the Advanced Authentication- Server Installation and Upgrade guide.

NOTE:Since Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 5 Patch 1, the Custom Branding settings of Web Authentication events have been relocated from Web Authentication policy to Custom Branding policy.

For more information, see Customizing the Login Page of Web Authentication Events in the Advanced Authentication - Administration guide.

5.0 Planned End of Support in Advanced Authentication 6.4

  • The options, Push salt TTL and Authentication salt TTL will be removed from the Smartphone method settings.

  • The user credentials prompt for HTTPS proxy will be removed during login and the credentials will be made available in the config file.

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