4.3 Online Update

Online Update enables you to receive patch updates for the currently installed release version of the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance through a channel service.

NOTE:The Online Update page in the Appliance Management Console is reserved for patch management within the release version only. It does not display version upgrades (x.x.x.x) for major, minor, support pack, and hotfix releases for the product that might be made available in the channel. For release version upgrades, follow the instructions in Section 6.0, Upgrading PlateSpin Transformation Manager from 1.1 to 1.1.1.

Use the Online Update option to register for the online patch update service from the Customer Center. You can alternatively register with a Local Subscription Management Tool (SMT) server from which you can download the patches. You can install the received patches automatically or manually.

Use the Online Update option to manage product release patches for installed release version of Transformation Manager Server software and PlateSpin Migrate Connector software, as well as security patches for the Appliance operating system.

To activate the Update Channel, you use the same Full License key that you used to activate the product. An Evaluation key will not activate the channel. Internet access is required to register for the service or to retrieve patches through the channel.

To register for the Online Update Service:

  1. Log in to the Appliance Management Console as the vaadmin user.

  2. Click Online Update .

  3. If the Registration dialog does not open automatically, click the Register tab.

  4. Specify the Service Type:

  5. (Local SMT) Specify the following information for the SMT server, then continue with Step 7.

    • Host name such as smt.example.com

    • (Optional) SSL certificate URL that communicates with the SMT server

    • (Optional) Name space path of the file or directory

  6. (Customer Center) Specify the following information about the Customer Center account for this PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance:

    • Email address of the account in Customer Center

    • Activation key (the same Full License key that you used to activate the product)

    • Allow data send (select any of the following)

      • Hardware Profile

      • Optional information

  7. Click Register.

    Wait while the appliance registers with the service.

  8. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation.

After you have registered the appliance, you can view a list of any available patches, or view a list of installed patches. You can use manual or automatic options to apply the patches to the Appliance.

To perform other actions after registration:

  • Update Now: Click Update Now to trigger the download of available patches in the channel.

  • Schedule: Configure the type of patches to download and whether to automatically agree with the licenses.

    To schedule online update:

    1. Click the Schedule tab.

    2. Select a schedule for download updates (Manual, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

  • View Info: Click View Info to display a list of installed and downloaded software patches.

  • Refresh: Click Refresh to reload the status of patches on the Appliance.