3.0 Managing the Appliance

The PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance is the virtual machine that hosts the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Server and its database. You can use the Appliance Management Console to change certain configuration settings for the appliance, such as administrative passwords for the vaadmin user and root user, network settings, and certificate settings. You should perform these tasks only from the Console, because native Linux tools are not aware of the configuration requirements and dependencies of the PlateSpin Transformation Manager services.

To access the Appliance Management Console:

  1. In a web browser, specify the DNS name or the IP address for the appliance with the port number 9443.


    For example:



  2. Specify the administrative username and password for the appliance, then click Sign in. The default users are vaadmin or root.

  3. (Conditional) The Appliance Management Console automatically displays one the following PlateSpin Transformation Manager options if it detects the stated condition:

    • Initial Configuration: The Initial Configuration tool opens if the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Server has not been configured. You must complete the initial setup before you can manage the appliance or the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Server.

    • Upgrade: The Upgrade tool opens if the RPM files for PlateSpin Transformation Manager or the guest operating system have been upgraded. You must complete the upgrade before you can manage the appliance or the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Server.

  4. Continue using the Appliance Configuration tools.

The Appliance System Configuration page displays the following options: