4.5 Configuring Default Job Values

The PlateSpin Migrate Client user interface lets you specify default migration job values specific to the target virtualization platform.

To configure the default job values:

  1. Launch the PlateSpin Migrate Client.

  2. Click Tools > Options.

  3. Click the Default Job Values tab.

Target Container Name and Path Details: These variables control naming conventions for target paths and containers. Expand a variable set and click a variable to edit its value. You can edit the following variables:

  • SOURCE_HOSTNAME: Host name of the source computer.

  • IMAGESERVER_LOCATION: Relevant with image server settings; specify this variable in the Image Server Variables section.

  • SOURCE_VOLUME_SERIAL_NUMBER: Volume serial number of the source computer.

Job Conversion Defaults: Use this area to set defaults that affect all migration jobs. You can overwrite these defaults when configuring actual migration jobs.

Reset: Restores default job values.

Update Defaults from Server: Click to retrieve defaults from the PlateSpin Server if available.