H.3 Peer-to-Peer Migrations (Windows)

Table H-1 provides information to help you troubleshoot common problems that might occur during Windows peer-to-peer migrations.

Table H-1 Common Issues and Solutions Related to Peer-to-Peer Migrations (Windows)

Problems or Messages


One of the following errors displays during offline migration:

  • Waiting for Controller to start (Failed)

  • Controller Connection Not Established

  • Controller Connection Broken

  • Unable to start the Heartbeat Service

This indicates one of the following problems:

  • The network settings for the temporary IP addresses under Job Configuration > Advanced might not be configured properly.

  • There was a possible network outage that prevented the source/target machine from communicating with the PlateSpin Server.

  • The source/target machine was not able to fully boot into the pre-execution environment.

To diagnose the exact cause of failure, check the state of the system where the controller failed to start. Commands such as ipconfig and ping are available to verify basic network connectivity.

File transfer hangs at 1% or progresses at a slow pace

By default, a link type of AUTO is used on the source server during a migration. If the source server is connected to a switch port that is forced to 100/FULL, the Force Full Duplex option must be enabled when configuring the migration. If this option is set incorrectly, a duplex mismatch occurs on the network.

Unable to determine suitable boot partition

When converting existing source servers, the boot volume must pass the following checks:

  • It must be on a basic disk

  • It must have 175 MB of free space

  • It must be a primary partition

  • If any of these are not true for the system volume, the migration fails while attempting to take control of the source server.

Job remains in a Scheduled state for a long period and then changes to Recoverable error (all sub-steps display NotStarted status)

There is a problem with the Operations Framework Controller on the PlateSpin Server. Use the Windows services plug-in to confirm that the Controller is running. See KB Article 7920862 for other troubleshooting instructions.

Troubleshooting failures at the Configuring Operating System stage (also applicable to Configure Target Machine or Configuring Virtual Machine migration steps)

Generally, failures during the configuration step indicate that a time-out occurred when attempting to configure the target physical or virtual machine. Although the migration job appears to have failed, the overall migration is probably successful and the configuration service running on the target will likely continue its operations.

KB Article 7920327 contains a detailed troubleshooting checklist and lists information required if technical support is necessary.

Live Transfer is unavailable

Either an unsupported file system or operating system exists on the server.

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