5.4 Installing VMware Updates (VIB Files)

VMware might have some security vulnerability that needs patching. You must install the vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) files manually by using the ESX Command-Line Interface (esxcli) commands.

For more information about potential VMware security vulnerabilities, see VMware Security Advisories.

To install VIB files:

  1. If the Forge Management VM is running, power down the Forge Management VM gracefully. In the Virtual Machines view in the vSphere Web Client, right-click the Forge Management VM, then select Power > Power Off.

  2. Download the appropriate VIB files.

    We recommend that you upload the patch files to the ForgeSystem datastore:

    1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Storage > Datastore browser.

    2. Select ForgeSystem datastore, then click Create directory, and create a directory call VIB.

    3. Select the newly created VIB directory, then click Upload and upload the VIB files.

  3. Go to the ESX Console.

  4. Install the VIB.

    1. Begin maintenance mode for the VMware host. In the ESX Console, enter:

      vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter
    2. Navigate to the VIB folder in the ForgeSystem datastore:

      cd /vmfs/volumes/ForgeSystem/VIB
    3. Unzip the VIB file.

      For example, if the VIB file is named ESXi650-201712001.zip, enter

      unzip ESXi650-201712001.zip
    4. Install the update. Enter

      esxcli software vib update –v /vmfs/volumes/{GUID of ForgeSystem}/VIB –f

      NOTE:The esxcli software update does not work using the sym link ForgeSystem. Ensure that you use the GUID that represents the ForgeSystem datastore in the above path.

      To get the sym link from the ForgeSystem link, run:

      ls –al /vmfs/volumes

      For example:

      The GUID is 5a74bb44-94924bd9-0fc7-005056973169, in this particular case.

    5. Repeat Step 4.c and Step 4.d for each VIB that you need to apply.

  5. Reboot the Forge Appliance.

  6. After the system comes back up again, exit maintenance mode by entering the following in the ESX Console:

    vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit
  7. Power on the Forge Management VM.

  8. Continue with Section 5.5, Licensing Microsoft Products on the Forge Management VM.