13.0 Time Categories, Calendars, and Schedules

A major part of gathering business and performance data for service-level management is specifying when information is captured and processed. The Time Management objects that are used for configuring this are found under the Administration root element in the Operations Center console:

Figure 13-1 Time Management Objects

After setting up the appropriate date and time intervals, attach a schedule to a profile to define the dates and times for collecting alarms history and performance data. For more information on profiles and assigning schedules, see Creating a Profile.

Because of their interdependent relationships, you should create the Time Management objects in the following order:

  1. Section 13.1, Maintaining Time Categories

    This section explains how to define specific labels for blocks of time. For example, a certain block of time can be designated as maintenance or peak.

  2. Section 13.2, Creating and Maintaining Calendars

    This section explains how to define blocks of days and times when you want object monitoring to occur.

  3. Section 13.3, Creating and Editing Schedules

    This section explains how to define larger time intervals for capturing data based on calendars.

For information about defining jobs and associating scripts to run during jobs, see the Operations Center Server Configuration Guide.