5.5 Creating Alarms

Alarm definitions tell the deployed adapter definition how and where to list information as alarms.

5.5.1 Understanding Alarm Requirements Organization

When defining an alarm definition, the requirements are organized in four main tabs:

5.5.2 Creating an Alarm Definition

To create an alarm definition:

  1. In the Definition Navigator pane, select the parent element of the new alarm definition.

  2. Right-click the parent element, then select New Alarm or click (Create an Alarm Definition).

    An alarm definition is created under the element.

5.5.3 Specifying Basic Properties

To specify basic properties for an Alarm Definition:

  1. Select the alarm definition in the Definition Navigator pane.

  2. In the right pane, the Alarm icon is selected by default.

    The Definition Properties pane shows basic properties for the alarm definition:

  3. Specify the Name and Description for the Alarm Definition (this information is used only by the Definition Editor).

5.5.4 Next Actions to Perform

  1. Specify an icon.

    For instructions, see Section 4.3, Assigning an Adapter Icon.

  2. Define and test a query.

    For instructions, see Section 6.1, Defining a Query and Section 6.9, Testing Queries.

  3. Pick a schedule for the query.

    For instructions, see Section 6.10, Scheduling Queries.

  4. Define property pages.

    For instructions, see Section 5.9, Defining Custom Property Pages.