2.0 Accessing iManager

You can access iManager and the complete set of features that it provides from any supported web browser. Although you might be able to access iManager via a web browser not listed, we do not guarantee or support full functionality with any browser that is not officially supported.

IMPORTANT:For information about supported web browsers for this version, review the NetIQ iManager Installation Guide.

For some iManager wizards and help to work, you must enable pop-up windows in your web browser. If you use an application that blocks pop-up windows, disable the blocking feature while working in iManager or allow pop-ups from the iManager host.

If you have configured your web browser to not display Web site images, the iManager interface might become garbled and unusable.

Accessing iManager varies based on the iManager version (server-based or workstation) and the platform on which iManager is running. For information on installing iManager, see the NetIQ iManager Installation Guide.

This section includes the following topics: