2.5 Managing Multiple eDirectory Trees

iManager provides an easy way to manage multiple eDirectory trees from a single interface. You can select the tree that you want to connect to and also switch among the trees that you are currently logged into. After connecting to a tree, iManager provides the tree-specific content, such as tree administration and tasks, and allows you to configure the required options. It relies on the default settings for the other configuration options. You can log in to upto 20 eDirectory trees at the same time.

To manage multiple eDirectory connections:

  1. Launch iManager.

  2. Log in to an eDirectory tree as an administrator with the appropriate rights.

    After a successful login, iManager displays the Manage Connections icon before the Help icon in the top bar of the iManager interface.

  3. Click the Manage Connections icon.

    The page displays a login form. If you are connected to other trees, iManager displays a list of currently logged-in trees under Active Connections.

  4. To log in to a different tree, select the tree from the list and provide the login credentials and the IP address or name of the tree.

  5. Click Login.

    The iManager home page displays. To verify whether the page displays correct information for this tree, look at the top left side of the page. You will see the user name that you used to log in to this tree and name of the logged in tree.

  6. Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 for every tree for which you want to manage connection.

  7. To logout from the individual logged in trees, click on the logout icon displayed on the left hand side of each logged in tree listed under the Active Connections.