2.1 Accessing Server-Based iManager

To access server-based iManager:

  1. Enter one of the following in the Address (URL) field of a supported Web browser.

    • To access stand alone iManager:

      Secure URL: https://<server ip address>:8443/nps/iManager.html

      NOTE:iManager uses only Tomcat 8 for its Web server requirements. You must specify the Tomcat port in the URL on your browser.

    In the examples, the IP address in <server ip address> can be either IPv4 or IPv6. For example, when accessing iManager the URL can be the following:

    • IPv6: https://[2001:db8::6]/nps/iManager.html

    Although slightly different iManager URLs might work on some platforms, NetIQ recommends using these URLs for consistency.

  2. Log in using your user name, password and tree name.