5.0 Configuring E-Mail Notification

iManager tasks enable you to specify the e-mail server and customize the templates for e-mail notifications.

E-mail templates are provided to allow Password Synchronization and Password Self-Service to send automated e-mails to users.

You don't create the templates. They are provided by the application that uses them. The e-mail templates are Template objects in the Identity Vault, and they are placed in the Security container, usually found at the root of your tree. Although they are Identity Vault objects, you should edit them only through iManager.

You control whether e-mail messages are sent, based on your choices in iManager. For Forgotten Password, e-mail notifications are sent only if you choose to use one of the Forgotten Password actions that causes an e-mail to be sent: e-mailing a password to the user, or e-mailing a password hint to the user. See “Managing Forgotten Passwords” in the Password Management 3.2 Administration Guide.

When you select Notify the user of password synchronization failure via e-mail, Password Synchronization is configured to send e-mail for failed password sync operations only, and only for the drivers you specify.

Figure 5-1 Configuring Password Synchronization

In addition, you need to make sure that the SMTP authentication information is included in the driver policies.