1.3 Software Fixes

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes for the following components:

1.3.1 Installation and Upgrade

NetIQ Identity Manager includes the following software fixes that resolve several previous issues in installation or upgrade:

Issue to Load Customized OSP Login Page After Upgrade

The Identity Applications upgrade now handles the customization and successfully loads the OSP login page. (Bug 230466)

1.3.2 Identity Manager Engine

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues in the Identity Manager Engine:

Ability to Identify Invalid Inputs Specified for Dates in the Policy

The token-convert-time action in a policy successfully identifies an invalid value specified for a date and reports an error in the driver logs. (Bug 230655)

Ability to Deliver Emails Containing Attachments Successfully Using Do Send Email from Template

Identity Engine is updated to deliver e-mails with attachments successfully using default and customer templates. (Bug 231439)

Running IDM Monitoring Queries Successfully Handles Memory Utilization

The Identity Manager is updated to successfully run the IDM monitoring queries in loop without employing additional memory. (Bug 231531)

Rectified DirXML DTD Document for Designer 4.8.1

The DTD document now specifies valid element definitions for the Designer to utilize. (Bug 257187)

Ability To Generate the Log Files in the Specified Directory When Starting Remote Loader From Default Location

The log files are now generated in the correct directory when you start rdxml using the /etc/init.d command. (Bug 231492)

Identity Manager Engine Generates Email Notifications with Content Type as per the Content of the Email

The updated Identity Manager Engine now sends all the email notifications with appropriate content type. (Bug 273053)

Ability to Successfully Start Drivers Using ZoomDB Through the Java Remote Loader

The drivers using ZoomDB are now updated to start successfully when initialized using Java Remote Loader. The NICI dependency is removed for Java Remote Loader. (Bug 313089)

Enhanced query-ex Functionality Returns Accurate Search Results

The query-ex functionality is updated to return accurate search results when the get-token element is used in the query. (Bug 311264)

1.3.3 Identity Plugins

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fix that resolve previous issues in the Identity Plugins:

Identity Plugin Enables to Select CEF Audit Events at Driver Level Successfully

The updated Identity Plugin successfully allows you to select events in the Log Level page. (Bug 230995)

Identity Plugin Allows to Create Work Order in Work Order Management Page Successfully

When you create a new work order and browse, the Identity Plugin now does not display any prompt. It displays the list of drivers with respective statuses. (Bug 280040)

1.3.4 Identity Applications

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues in the Identity Applications:

Requesting Permissions for Self Returns Correct Results

The search functionality for requesting permissions for self is enhanced to return correct results. (Bug 231397)

Dashboard Does not Freeze When the Filter in the Advanced Search on the People page is Empty

By default, the Filter option in the Advanced search on the People page gets disabled, when the filter is empty. (Bug 231397)

Ability to Correctly Display the Localized Text for All Locales on the Request History Page

The Request History page displays all text in the selected locales correctly. (Bug 232002)

Ability to Re-enable Users Through the Dashboard

The Dashboard is now enhanced and allows you to re-enable those users that are disabled in eDirectory. (Bug 232054)

Removal of Roles Does not Throw Any Exceptions When Roles are Recalculated

The RRSD driver now handles the role recalculation successfully after the role is removed from a user. Bug (232099)

Access Widget on the Dashboard Displays Correct Values for Recently Added Entries

The access widget for the dashboard is enhanced to display correct results for recently added entries. (Bug 276098)

Increased the Column Size of localizedvalue.localization.igaworkflowdb to 1024 Characters

The column size of the localizedvalue.localization.igaworkflowdb is same as localizedvalue.localization.idmuserappdb. The column size of the localizedvalue.localization.igaworkflowdb is now increased to 1024 characters. (Bug 278147)

Null Pointer Exceptions are No Longer Observed When DNLookUp is Empty

The null pointer exception observed in the logs is no longer seen when the DNLookUp field has an empty value. (Bug 279046)

Ability to Display the Translated Text in All Locales Correctly When a Non-admin User Tries to Access idmadmin URL

The message indicating that the non-administrator user will be redirected to a different page, when the user access is restricted, is now translated correctly for all locales. (Bug 283805)

Ability of the Dashboard to Display the Status and Request Status Separately

The dashboard now displays two separate fields; the role status that was used by the filter while searching for a specific role and the request status. (Bug 283163)

Request History Page Displays Accurate Results When the Page Size is Set to 1000 or Higher

The Dashboard now retrieves accurate results when the Request History page for other users is configured to display 1000 or more results per page. (Bug 285139)

Audit Event for Role Request Displays Correct nrfStatus After a Role is Provisioned

The nrfStatus for a role request that is provisioned is now updated to display the correct value, that is, 50. (Bug 285147)

Ability to Stop Users from Revoking Their Own Permissions

The Dashboard is updated to disable users from revoking their own permissions. The entitled users, however, can still perform this operation. (Bug 288085)

sendNotification Endpoint Works as Expected

The sendNotification SOAP endpoint is updated to send e-mails to the specified e-mail ID. (Bug 289101)

Customdbupdate Populates the Processnames and Defaultnames Columns Correctly

The customdbupdate in Identity Applications now populates all the columns correctly. (Bug 290025)

IDVault.getObjectType Works As Expected When Used in a Condition Activity

The IDVault.getObjectType, that used to return empty results, now works as expected. (Bug 295163)

Ability to Display the Activity ID for Workflow Events

The Workflow events are now enhanced to display the Activity ID’s for each of the events. This information can be observed in log file. (Bug 300011)

Updated Message Displayed to Users When the Search Exceeds the Search Size Limit

The message displayed to the user, when the search exceeds the size limit, is now updated. The log level for this message is set to Debug. (Bug 300113)

Ability of the getResourceOwners API to Correctly Retrieve the List of Owners Assigned to a Resource

The getResourceOwners API is updated to correctly retrieve the list of assigned owners to a resource. (Bug 300164)

getWorkRequest SOAP Request Returns Responses Correctly

The getWorkRequest SOAP API is updated by setting the date in the correct format. The responses are returned correctly for the data items sent for the SOAP request. (Bug 301012)

Ability to Notify the Users That the Approval Form is Successfully Submitted When the Dashboard Session is Not Active on a Different Browser Window

The Dashboard is enhanced to notify that the reviewer has successfully submitted the approval form when the session is not active on a different browser window. (Bug 301242)

Ability to Successfully Search for Permissions Through the Request > Others Option

The proxy users can now successfully search for other’s permissions through the Request > Others page. (Bug 302069)

Data Items are Correctly Added After the PRDs are Approved

The data items are being added correctly during the PRD approval process when the Rest endpoints are used for approvals. (Bug 312024)

1.3.5 Identity Reporting

NetIQ Identity Manager includes the following software fixes that resolve several previous issues in Identity Reporting:

Supports Special Character , in Group Names

Identity Reporting now enables you to use the special character , in the group names. (Bug 232143)

Ability To Specify # As the First Character for Group Names

Identity Reporting now allows you to use the special character # as the first character for group names. (Bug 232142)

Ability to Handle the Processing of Events When an Entitlement Name Includes a White Space

Identity Reporting now allows you to process events to the Reporting database when an entitlement name that included a white space is modified to a different value. (Bug 295101)

Ability to Synchronize any Objects Succesfully to the Identity Reporting Database When the Object Name Contains Hyphen or Underscores

The DCS driver is now enhanced and has the ability to synchronize objects to the Identity Reporting database when the object name contains hyphen or underscores. The hyphens and underscores are treated as different characters and the object names are synchronized correctly. (Bug 319062)

Identity Reporting Does Not Display Any Errors When the DCS Driver Tries to Send The Same Event Containing a Parsing Error to the Reporting Database

This issue is resolved. You must update the Data Collection Services driver to the latest version. For more information, see NetIQ Identity Manager Data Collection Services Driver Readme. (Bug 256188)

Ability to Handle Data Collection Services After Upgrading Identity Reporting

This issue is resolved. You must update Managed System Gateway driver to the latest version. For more information, see NetIQ Identity Manager Managed System Gateway Driver Readme. (Bug 302052)

Ability To Populate Data In the Correct Format When Reports Are Generated After The Roles Are Assigned To Groups and Containers

This issue is resolved. You must update the Roles and Resource Service driver to the latest version. For more information, see NetIQ Identity Manager 4.8.3 Roles and Resource Service Driver Readme. (Bug 287067)

1.3.6 Designer

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues in Designer:

Ability to Successfully Import the ECMA Script Through a Configuration File

Designer now allows you to successfully export the ECMA scripts or objects to a configuration file and then import the same configuration file into Designer. (Bug 287195)

Ability to Modify Policies Containing the src Attributes

Designer now allows you to modify policies containing the src attribute. Use the Find & Replace option introduced in Designer to modify the value from src to source. For more information, see the The Search Results View in the Understanding Designer for Identity Manager. (Bug 300080)

Designer Loads Successfully After Importing the .wsdl File for an Integration Activity

An intermittent issue, where Designer hangs while importing .wsdl file for an integration activity, is now resolved. (Bug 283420)

Ability to Successfully Import the Schema Changes From Outline View Using the Live Menu

Designer now allows you to import the schema changes successfully from the Outline View using the Live > Import Schema option. (Bug 285191)