NetIQ Identity Manager - Configuring Auditing in Identity Manager

  NetIQ Identity Manager - Configuring Auditing in Identity Manager
      Identity Manager Auditing Architecture
      Audit Format Type
      Enabling Auditing
      Considerations for Migrating to CEF
    Configuring NetIQ Sentinel with Identity Manager
    Installing and Configuring the Sentinel Collectors
      Installing and Configuring the Universal CEF Collector
      Installing and Configuring the SSPR Collectors
    Installing the Syslog Connector
      Installing and Configuring the Syslog Connector
    Configuring Identity Manager Components to Log Audit Events in CEF Format
      Advantages of CEF
      Setting up CEF Configuration
    Securing the Logging System
      Enabling SSL Connection for User Application
      Enabling SSL Connection for Identity Manager Engine
    Managing Identity Manager Events
      Selecting Events to Log
      User-Defined Events
      eDirectory Objects that Store Identity Manager Event Data
    Using Status Logs
      Setting the Log Level and Maximum Log Size
      Viewing Status Logs
    Identity Manager Events
      Event Structure
      Remote Loader Events
      Engine Events
      Fanout Agent Events
      Identity Applications Events
      Identity Reporting Events
      DCS Events
    Understanding the Properties Files for CEF Auditing
      Understanding the File
      Understanding the idmuserapp_logging.xml File
      Understanding the workflow_logging.xml File
      Understanding the idmrptdcs_logging.xml File
      Understanding the idmrptcore_logging.xml File
      Error on Identity Manager Dashboard Login Page
    Legal Notice