6.9 Provisioning Multiple Individuals with One Workflow Instance

You can configure a provisioning request definition so that one individual (for example, a manager) can provision multiple individuals (for example, members of a group) with one workflow. The provisioning request definition can be configured to provision any one of the following:

  • Multiple individual users from the default user container

  • All members of a group from the default group container (for example, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT)

  • All members of any arbitrary Identity Vault container

To create this type of workflow, create the provisioning request definition as you normally would. On the Overview panel, select Single Flow Provision Members from the Flow Strategy list.

6.9.1 Basic Steps for Using the Workflow

This section describes the basic steps for using a workflow that utilizes the Single Flow Provision Members flow strategy. For more detailed information about making process requests, see Requesting Permissions in the NetIQ Identity Manager - User’s Guide to the Identity Applications.

  1. Log in to the user application as a user application administrator.

  2. Click Work Dashboard.

  3. In the left pane, click Settings > Team Settings > Make Team Process Requests.

  4. Click Select a team to select the team for which you have been designated a Team Manager.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Select the process request category to which the request belongs, then click Continue.

  7. Click the name of the workflow you want to use.

  8. Click the resource name you want to request.

  9. Click the name of the recipient you want to receive the request, then click Continue.