4.2 Requesting Permissions

To request roles and resources, on the Dashboard select:

Access > Requests

Before requesting permissions, review the following considerations:

  • You might be able to request access on behalf of another user. For example, if you are a team manager, you usually can act on behalf of team members. The process is the same, except you must specify that the request is for Others instead of Self.

  • Do not use punctuation when specifying a permission that you want to request. If the name of the permission you want to request includes punctuation, omit the punctuation when searching.

  • Different permissions require different information, depending on how the administrator has configured the permission form. If the permission requires detailed information, the Dashboard redirects you to a separate window when you select the permission.

  • You can request multiple permissions at the same time.

    However, if the permission form for one of the requests requires special types of information, you might not be able to include that permission in a multi-permission request. To request multiple permissions at once, the request forms for the various requests cannot require detailed information.

  • You can specify the expiry date while requesting for a resource or a role.

For more information, click on the Dashboard.