2.0 Choosing the Installation Packages and Where to Install Them

NetIQ Cloud Manager is comprised of a number of different RPMs that are bundled in different installation patterns, all of which are are available on the installation media you download from Novell, an associate of NetIQ. Your NetIQ sales representative provides the URL to the media download site, along with the license key you purchased.

NOTE:If you install or configure Cloud Manager components by using a trial key, the product behaves normally for 90 days, although the trial key controls the number of users and managed nodes you can configure. For fully supported functionality, product components require a purchased license key. Contact your NetIQ Sales Representative or a Certified NetIQPartner for purchase information.

The RPMs in the install patterns must be installed to a supported version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11. The installation uses the Add-On Products utility that is available in SUSE’s YaST program.

After the initial installation and configuration, installers for some Cloud Manager Orchestration components for other operating systems become available in the Orchestration filesystem.

You can install the Cloud Manager component patterns on machines in your data center according to your own criteria. The information in this section can help you decide which Cloud Manager patterns you want to install and the machines in your data center where you want to install them.