2.6 Monitoring Agent Install Pattern

Description: The Cloud Manager Monitoring Agent can be installed on a server where any other Orchestration pattern is installed, or independently on a SLES or Windows server. The agent installation lays down the Ganglia Agent on each monitored node to collect performance metrics and send the data to the Cloud Manager Monitoring Server.

The agent requires configuration after installation. To perform the initial configuration, you can use a text interface at the Linux console (./config) or a GUI configuration wizard (./guiconfig).

You can also install the agent from a Windows installation program or use the Linux pattern files to install to RHEL machines. For more information, see Alternative Installation Methods for the Cloud Manager Monitoring Agent in the NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.1.5 Orchestration Installation Guide.

Packages in the Pattern: The table below lists the RPMs in the Monitoring Agent pattern.

Table 2-6 Orchestration Server Packages

Install Pattern [Short Name]

Default Packages Installed

Additional Required Patterns

[short name]

Additional Recommended Patterns


Monitoring Agent









You can obtain more information about these patterns and packages in the YaST utility when you have mounted the product ISO.

NOTE:Monitoring Agent patterns are all version 3.1.5 in the NetIQ Cloud Manager release.

Installation recommendations: If you select the Orchestration Agent pattern, the Monitoring Agent pattern is selected by default. This is only a recommended dependence (most users install both components together) and is not binding. The autoselection is made for your convenience.

Although this agent can be installed using YaST, you can also install it from pattern files located on the ISO image. For more information about these patterns, see Monitoring Agent Installation Pattern Files for Linux in the NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.1.5 Orchestration Installation Guide.