2.3 Cloud Manager Monitoring Server Pattern

Description: The Cloud Manager Monitoring Server is an Apache Web server that uses open source Ganglia monitors defined performance data on network resources in a time period you can define.

This server requires configuration after installation. To perform the initial configuration, you can use a a text interface at the Linux console (./config) or a GUI configuration wizard (./guiconfig).

Packages in the Pattern: The table below lists the RPMs in the Orchestration Server pattern.

Table 2-3 Orchestration Server Packages

Install Pattern [Short Name]

Default Packages Installed

Additional Required Patterns

[short name]

Additional Recommended Patterns


Monitoring Server











You can obtain more information about these patterns and packages in the YaST utility when you have mounted the product ISO.

NOTE:Monitoring Server patterns are all version 3.1.5 in the NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.1.5 release.

Installation recommendations: You can install this server on the same machine with the Orchestration Server, or you can choose any other server with access to the Monitoring Agents.