5.0 Creating a Resource Account

After being installed on a computing node, having its credentials defined, and associating itself with the computing node, the Orchestration Agent begins broadcasting the availability of its host as a potential computing resource. Before the Orchestration Server can allow an agent to authenticate and establish ongoing communication, you need to create a resource account for the agent on the Orchestration Server. When this account is created or “registered,” the agent’s host node can be discovered and recognized as a computing resource that can perform the jobs assigned to it.

It is also possible to create a resource account for an agent before that agent is actually installed on a computing node.

You can create a resource account on the Orchestration Server and have it waiting in an offline state in anticipation of agent installation and login.

This section includes the information you need to create a resource account on the Orchestration Server:

When resources are created, connected to the Orchestration Server and online, a provisioning adapter job deploys and runs a discovery process on its own.

For information about manually configuring a resource account, see Section B.0, Manually Registering a Resource in the Orchestration Console.