3.0 Configuring Cloud Manager Orchestration Components

This section discusses the basic configuration of all NetIQ Cloud Manager Orchestration components after each is installed. Component configuration is done either with a text-based configuration tool or with a GUI Wizard configuration tool.

The text-based configuration script detects which RPM patterns are installed, but the GUI Configuration Wizard requires that you specify the components to be configured, whether the patterns have been installed on the server or not.

It is possible to execute the text-based configuration file Orchestration components from the Cloud Manager configuration utility, but this occurs only if you install Cloud Manager Application components on the same server as the Cloud Manager Orchestration components, which is only likely if you are setting up your system for a demonstration.

Both the text-based tool and the GUI Wizard tool produce a configuration file that can be used to automatically reconfigure your system after an upgrade. If you use the tools to reconfigure your server after the original configuration has been done, make sure you reconfigure all of the components that are installed on the system (this is the default).

NOTE:Remember that the Cloud Manager Orchestration components are version 3.0. This might cause confusion because they are to be used with Cloud Manager Application components, which are version 2.0.

Some Considerations When Configuring with the GUI Wizard

If you have only a keyboard to navigate through the pages of the GUI Configuration Wizard, use the Tab key to shift the focus to a control you want to use (for example, a Next button), then press the Spacebar to activate this control.

When you have finished answering the configuration questions in the wizard, the Cloud Manager Orchestration Configuration Summary page displays. Although this page of the wizard lets you navigate by using the Tab key and the Spacebar, you need to use the Ctrl+Tab combination to navigate past the summary list. Click Back if you accidentally enter the summary list, and re-enter the page to navigate to the control buttons.

By default, the Configure now check box on the page is selected. If you accept this default, the wizard starts the Orchestration Server and applies the configuration settings. If you deselect the check box, the wizard writes out the configuration file to /etc/opt/novell/novell_zenworks_orch_install.conf without starting the Orchestration Server or applying the configuration settings.

You can use this .conf file to start the Orchestration Server or Agent and apply the settings either manually or with an installation script. Use the following command to run the configuration:

/opt/novell/zenworks/orch/bin/config -rs

This section includes the following information:

When the installation and configuration are complete, you need to validate and optimize the configuration. You can them proceed to register the resources to be managed by the Cloud Manager system. Refer to Section 5.0, Creating a Resource Account for detailed information about getting resources to manage in the Cloud Manager system.