3.2 Configuring the Monitoring Server and Monitoring Agent

The Cloud Manager Monitoring Server leverages open source (Ganglia) monitoring of the performance of certain data on network resources in a time period you define. The network resources being monitored must have the Cloud Manager Monitoring Agent installed.

  1. Make sure you are ready with the information that you are prompted for during the Monitoring Server configuration procedure (GUI or text-based):

    Server Configuration Requirement

    Explanation and Action

    Is this computer to be a Monitoring Server or a Monitored Node?

    If you chose to install the Monitoring Server pattern, the Monitoring Agent pattern is installed on the same computer by default. You can also install the Monitoring Agent pattern independent of the Monitoring Server, but you should install it on the same node where you install an Orchestration Agent.

    The configuration lets you choose not to configure this computer as a Monitoring Server.

    Hostname or IP Address of the Monitoring Server

    You need to know the hostname or IP address of the server if you configured as the Cloud Manager Monitoring Server. Monitored nodes send their metrics to this address.

    Monitored Computer Name

    The descriptive name you designate appears in the monitoring interface as the name or location of the monitored node.

  2. At the computer where you installed the Cloud Manager Monitoring Server or Cloud Manager Monitoring Agent pattern, run the configuration utility:




  3. Follow the prompts to complete the configuration of the Monitoring Server or the Monitoring Agent.