2.0 Using the Cloud Manager Application Server Configuration Tool

After you have installed the NetIQ Cloud Manager Application components, you need to configure the system according to your data center environment architecture and your objectives for using the product. Cloud Manager provides a configuration tool to help you.

The Cloud Manager configuration tool is highly interactive, detecting your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 operating system and its present configuration. It also detects the installation of the Cloud Manager Orchestration components on the server and gives you the opportunity to configure them by running a separate but related tool.

HINT:In a production environment, we recommend running the Orchestration configuration tool and the Cloud Manager Application configuration tool on different servers.

For more information about the Orchestration configuration tools, see Configuring Cloud Manager Orchestration Components in the NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.1.5 Orchestration Installation Guide.

The Cloud Manager Application Server configuration tool also gives you the option to install the product in a demonstration mode, building all of the components (including an embedded ApacheDS LDAP with default users already set up) that you need if you want to demonstrate or conceptualize product functionality. You should not use this “demo mode” if you have installed Cloud Manager in your production environment and you want to configure it there.

This section of the documentation does not discuss the concepts of the demo mode (how to run it or what to observe in it).

The configuration tool includes a script with several segments. Each segment prompts for information and then executes the configuration with the information you provide. The following chapters provide the detail about the segments of the script: