4.0 Configuring Cloud Manager to Use Authentication Sources

The instructions in this section assume that you have already used the configuration tool to configure the Postgres database use by the NetIQ Cloud Manager Application Server, as described in Section 3.0, Configuring the PostgreSQL Database Connection and Credentials.

The Net IQ Cloud Manager Application Server can connect to and search several different kinds of authentication sources to collect information about users in those sources. These are the users that can be authorized, depending on their individual roles, to log into Cloud Manager as Cloud Manager users.

The Cloud Manager Application Server configuration tool includes a segment that displays directly after the Postgres Configuration segment of the script, prompting you to choose an authentication source and asking for specific information that allows Cloud Manager connection to that source.

NOTE:If you configured authentication sources in a previous configuration session, you can manage those configuration settings in a new session. The tool provides a new option (NetIQ Cloud Manager - Manage Authentication) that you can select to make authentication configuration changes subsequent to your initial work.

This section discusses the authentication source options in Cloud Manager and how to obtain the data you provide for the tool. The section also includes an explanation of the setup you need to perform, if any, to prepare each of these authentication sources for connection to Cloud Manager.