C.0 VM Client Preferences

A preferences file is created after the first time you use the PlateSpin VM Client. This preferences file contains locations for storing list data, such as successful logins, installation sources, and auto-install files. Some preference settings are for debugging that you can use with the guidance of Novell Support.

Following is an example of a preference file with default settings:

#Thu May 07 17:38:03 GMT 2009
Use\ Alpha=true
Login\ Info\ Sets\ Preference\ List=m1.zenworks.lab.novell.com;admin;ZOSCommunicator
Stale\ Update=true
Auto\ Update=true
Show\ Edit\ Running\ VM\ Warning=true
Show\ Part\ Menu=false

To prevent issues with the VM Client from not working properly, you should contact Novell Support for help when you edit the preferences file.

However, there is one preference setting that you can change yourself. When you open a dialog box, the VM Client window becomes somewhat transparent, which can cause display issues in Windows (but not Linux) while using VNC to view a VM or host server machine’s command line or desktop, or when using a Web casting software to view or interact with the VM Client that is running on another machine. This transparency is controlled by the Use\ Alpha=true setting. By default, transparency is set to be in effect (True). You should change true to false before using VNC or a Web casting software program so that viewing is in a non-transparent mode.

To edit the preferences file:

  1. If you have not yet opened and exited the VM Client for the first time, do the following to establish the preferences file; otherwise, go to Step 2:

    1. (Conditional) Install the VM Client.

      For instructions, see Installing the Orchestrate VM Client in the PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 Installation and Configuration Guide.

    2. Open the VM Client.

      For instructions, see Section 2.1, Starting and Logging In to the VM Client Interface.

      This initializes the preference file settings.

    3. Exit the VM Client.

      This causes the com.novell.vnos.prefs file to be created on the machine where you installed the client.

  2. Make a backup copy of the com.novell.vnos.prefs file.

    You might need this backup copy in Step 5.b.

  3. Open the com.novell.vnos.prefs file in a text editor.

    • Windows:

      installation_path\PlateSpin Orchestrate VM Client 2.6\bin\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.cor.runtime\.settings\com.novell.vnos.prefs
    • Linux:

  4. Edit the preferences file as necessary.

    Valid preference values are true and false.

    IMPORTANT:If you edit the preferences file, do not remove any backslashes (\) that accompany the key names, including the space after the backslash.

  5. Save the file, then reopen the VM Client.

    The preferences file changes should be in effect. If not, or if the VM Client is not working properly, do the following:

    1. Exit the VM Client.

    2. Replace the preferences file with the backup copy that you made in Step 2.

    3. Restart the VM Client.