2.4 Discovering Registered VM Hosts

When you first install the VM Client, it is not aware of all of the possible registered VM hosts in the virtualization grid that you log in to. The discovery process finds all hosts that have a supported hypervisor installed and running on them.

You should discover these hosts before continuing to use the product. You should discover hosts before attempting to discover VMs so that any VMs belonging to a particular host can be discovered.

Before discovering the VMware technology-based hosts, ensure that the appropriate policies have been configured in the Orchestrate Development Client. For more information on configuring the policies, see Configuring VM Provisioning Adapters and Discovered VMs in the PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 Virtual Machine Management Guide.

To discover the existing registered VM hosts:

  1. In the VM Client, click Actions > Discover Hosts.

    Registered VM Hosts

    All the registered VM hosts that are in the virtualization grid and that have hypervisors installed are displayed.

  2. To discover any VMs belonging to the VM hosts that you discovered, continue with Section 2.5, Discovering VMs of the Registered VM Hosts.