2.5 Discovering VMs of the Registered VM Hosts

You can use the VMs you have previously created or the VMs you have built by using other hypervisors in your data center. To make use of these VMs, you need to run a discover job. You use the VM Client to detect the VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Server, VMware Virtual Center, and SUSE Xen VM host machines. After you have detected the host machines, you can detect the VMs contained on the host machines and in other VM storage repositories.

The only VMs that are automatically discovered are those that are stored in the default location of /var/lib/xen/images, unless an Orchestrate repository is created that represents an alternative storage location.

Before discovering the VMware technology-based VMs, ensure that the appropriate policies have been configured in the Orchestrate Development Client. For more information on configuring the policies, see Configuring VM Provisioning Adapters and Discovered VMs in the PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 Virtual Machine Management Guide.

To discover the VMs belonging to the registered VM Hosts:

  1. In the VM Client, click Actions > Discover Virtual Machines.

  2. To accept the discovered VMs, continue with Section 2.6, Registering VMs.