Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 Release Notes

April 2021

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 includes enhancements and resolves several previous issues.

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1.0 What’s New?

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 includes the following:

1.1 Enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements:



Settings to Retrieve User Groups after Authentication

The options, Return Group on Logon and Groups are introduced in all events (existing and new events). These options allow an administrator to retrieve the list of groups a user is associated with after successfully authenticating to an event.

NOTE:The Return Group on Logon is enabled by default for all the events except the Authenticators Management, Smartphone Enrollment, OAuth 2.0, and SAML 2.0 events.

For more information, see Configuring an Existing Event in the Advanced Authentication - Administration guide.

Improved REST API Call to Return the DNS Name

The REST API call /api/v1/repositories has been enhanced to return the DNS name of each repository along with the repository name and repository type.

1.2 Security Improvements

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 resolves a potential Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) downgrade issue (CVE-2021-22515).

We would like to offer a special thanks to Julkair for responsibly disclosing this issue.

1.3 Software Fixes

This release includes the following fixes:



Enrollment Portal

The Delete option for the SMS OTP and Email OTP methods is not available in the old Enrollment portal.

Enrollment Portal

When a user logs in to the old Enrollment portal by performing the basic authentication and tries to enroll the TOTP method, the QR code is not displayed.

Enrollment Portal

When a user connects the Spanish national identity card (Documento Nacional de identidad) and tries to enroll it using the PKI method, the certificate is not displayed in the Key field.

However, on click of Show All, certificates are displayed. When the user selects a certificate, the following error message is displayed:

Cannot check the revocation status.


The RADIUS server does not return the msRADIUSFramedIPAddress attribute if the hexadecimal value of that attribute contains a negative value.

Web Authentication

When the users from LDAP repositories try to log in to the Enrollment Portal, the following error message is displayed:

WebAuth feature is not running.

This issue happens only for LDAP users who are associated with many groups and many nested groups. The local users can log in without any problem.

2.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 includes the following known issue:

2.1 Windows Client Does Not Respond

When a user tries to authenticate to Windows Client, it freezes in the Please wait screen after providing the username. This happens only in Windows machines with external Nvidia Quadro graphics cards and their drivers installed.

2.2 Syslog is Flooded with the Health Check Messages

There are various messages as follows:

dockerd[2167]: time="2020-12-21T23:30:22.663706880Z" level=warning msg="Health check for container b1cc02cc52d3fe2681c9fa60abfab62aa54fa40d4d833fca4bb0fef5d0414890 error: context deadline exceeded" in syslog.

These messages do not indicate any issues. This is due to the absence of the Risk Service license.

Workaround: Perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Configuration Portal (:9443).

  2. Click System Services and select the Risk Service then click Action and select Stop.

  3. Click Options then select Set as Manual for Risk Service.

2.3 Issue with Risk Service After Upgrade

Issue: The Risk Service does not work after upgrading to Advanced Authentication 6.3 SP4.

Workaround: Run the following commands to remove the old rba_history container and reboot the appliance:

  1. systemctl stop docker

  2. systemctl start docker

  3. docker container stop risk_rbahistory_1

  4. docker container rm risk_rbahistory_1

  5. docker rmi -f mfsecurity/rba_history:

  6. reboot

  7. Log in to the Administration portal and click Logs > Clear to clear the logs.

NOTE:If any command takes too long to respond or hangs, press Ctrl+C to stop and continue with the next step.

3.0 Upgrading

You can update Advanced Authentication 6.3.0, 6.3.1, 6.3.2, 6.3.3, 6.3.4 to Advanced Authentication 6.3.4 Patch 1.

The updated Client bundle and Helm chart are available in Software Licenses and Downloads page.

For more information about upgrading, see Performing an Online Update in Advanced Authentication - Administration guide.

For more information about upgrading from 6.2, see Upgrading Advanced Authentication in the Advanced Authentication- Server Installation and Upgrade guide.

NOTE:The default value of remote access parameters has been changed in the Windows Client.

For more information, see Configuring Single Sign-on Support for Citrix and Remote Desktop and Enabling Flexible Sign-on for Citrix VDI or Remote Desktop Login in the Advanced Authentication - Windows Client guide.

NOTE:If you complete the server registration before updating to Advanced Authentication 6.3 Service Pack 4, the Server update to 6.3.4 might not display. Therefore, it is required to de-register and register again to resolve this issue.

NOTE:The recommended upgrade sequence is the upgrade of Advanced Authentication servers, followed by plug-ins and Client components. Any change in the upgrade sequence is not supported.

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