10.2 Storage Consideration

While storing the Sentinel data files, ensure that the data files are stored on a separate partition than the executables, configuration, and operating system files. The benefits of storing the data separately allows easier imaging of one set of files and recovery in case of corruption. It also improves the overall performance of systems where smaller file systems are more efficient. For more information, see Disk partitioning.

You can decide to install Sentinel on multiple partitions or on a single partition depending on the following installation types:

10.2.1 Using Partition in a Stand-alone Installation

If you are installing Sentinel as a stand-alone install, then you can modify the partition layout of the operating system prior to installing Sentinel. The administrator should create and mount the desired partitions to the appropriate directories, based on the directory structure detailed in Section 10.1, Directory Structure. When you run the installer, Sentinel is installed into the pre-created directories resulting in an install that spans multiple partitions.


  • You can use the --location option while running the installer to specify a different location than the default directories to store the file. The value that you pass to the --location option is prepended to the directory paths. For example, if you specify --location=/foo, the data directory will be /foo/var/opt/novell/sentinel/data and the config directory will be /foo/etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config.

  • You must not use file-system links (for example, soft links) for the --location option.

10.2.2 Using Partition in an Appliance Installation

If you are installing Sentinel by using appliance install, it is not possible to reconfigure the operating system prior to Sentinel installation because the operating system is installed along with Sentinel. However, you can add partition in the appliance and move a directory to the new partition by using the YaST tool.

The following procedure creates a new partition and moves the data files from its directory to the newly created partition:

  1. Log in to Sentinel as root.

  2. Run the following command to stop the Sentinel on the appliance:

    /etc/init.d/sentinel stop

  3. Specify the following command to change to novell user:

    su -novell

  4. Move the contents of the directory at /var/opt/novell/sentinel to a temporary location.

  5. Change to root user.

  6. Enter the following command to access the YaST2 Control Center:

  7. Select System > Partitioner.

  8. Read the warning and select Yes to add the new unused partition.

  9. Mount the new partition at /var/opt/novell/sentinel.

  10. Specify the following command to change to novell user:

    su -novell

  11. Move the contents of the data directory from the temporary location (where it was saved in Step 4) back to /var/opt/novell/sentinel in the new partition.

  12. Change to root user.

  13. Run the following command to restart the Sentinel appliance:

    /etc/init.d/sentinel start