5.7 Configuring the Appliance with SMT

In secured environments where the appliance must run without direct Internet access, you can configure the appliance with the Subscription Management Tool (SMT), which enables you to upgrade the appliance to the latest versions of Sentinel as they are released. SMT is a package proxy system that is integrated with Novell Customer Center and provides key Novell Customer Center capabilities.

5.7.1 Prerequisites

  • Get the Novell Customer Center credentials for Sentinel to get updates from Novell. For information on getting the credentials, contact Novell Support.

  • Ensure that SLES 11 SP1 is installed with the following packages on the machine where you want to install SMT:

    • htmldoc

    • smt

    • perl-DBIx-Transaction

    • perl-File-Basename-Object

    • pertl-DBIx-Migration-Director

    • perl-MIME-Lite

    • perl-Text-ASCIITable

    • smt-support

    • yast2-smt

    • yum-metadata-parser

    • createrepo

    • sle-smt-release-cd

    • sle-smt_en

    • perl-DBI

    • apache2-prefork

    • libapr1

    • perl-Data-ShowTable

    • perl-Net-Daemon

    • perl-Tie-IxHash

    • fltk

    • libapr-util1

    • perl-PIRPC

    • apache2-mod_perl

    • apache2-utils

    • apache2

    • perl-DBD-mysql

  • Install SMT and configure the SMT server. For more information, refer to the following sections in the SMT documentation:

    • SMT Installation

    • SMT Server Configuration

    • Mirroring Installation and Update Repositories with SMT

  • Install the wget utility on the appliance machine.

5.7.2 Configuring the Appliance

For information on configuring the appliance with SMT, see “Configuring Clients to Use SMT” in the Subscription Management Tool documentation.