13.2 Importing Configuration Information

Self Service Password Reset allows you to import configuration information from other Self Service Password Reset systems. You would want to do this when you are moving to new hardware, upgrading Self Service Password Reset, recovering from a disaster or configuring Self Service Password Reset for high availability and load balancing.

IMPORTANT:Ensure that you export your Self Service Password Reset configuration settings anytime you change your settings.

To import Self Service Password Reset configuration information:

  1. Ensure that you have created a backup of the current Self Service Password Reset configuration by backing up the configuration information. For more information, see Backing Up Configuration Information.

  2. Log in to Self Service Password Reset at https://dns-name/sspr as an administrator.

  3. In the toolbar, click your name.

  4. Click Configuration Manager.

  5. Click Import Configuration, then browse to and select the SSPRConfiguration.xml file you created earlier.

  6. (Conditional) To import the local database information:

    1. Click the LocalDB tab.

    2. Click Import (Upload) LocalDB Archive File, then browse to and select the local database archive file you created earlier.

The new deployment now contains all of the configuration settings of the old system.