2.3 General Controls and Messages

The General controls and messages are located at the end of the Application Definition Wizard page.

Clicking Test, OK, or Apply synchronizes your data and saves it to the directory.

Figure 2-19 The General Controls and Messages

2.3.1 Help

  1. Click Help to launch the help integrated with Novell SecureLogin. Alternatively, you can launch the help file by pressing F1.

2.3.2 Test

  1. After you have created an application definition, click Test to test it . You should create and test an application definition by using a test account before distributing it.

    For details on testing an application definition, refer to Section 3.6, Testing Application Definitions.

2.3.3 OK

  1. Click OK to save the changes made to the application definition and close the wizard.

2.3.4 Apply

  1. Click Apply to save the changes you have made to the application definition and leave the wizard open for further editing.

2.3.5 Cancel

Click Cancel to cancel creating or editing the application definition. Clicking Cancel closes the Application Definition Wizard without saving any changes you have made. Unsaved changes are lost.