20.2 Using the DAS Editor to Configure Actions

Each instance of DAS is driven by an XML document describing the actions that are available.

This release of SecureLogin introduces a DAS Editor that helps you in composing an action. The wizard tool is available in \SecureLogin\Tools\ DAS Editor folder on the SecureLogin CD image.

The DAS Wizard provides an ability to create and modify a configuration file. The wizard helps you create the configuration with the correct XML format.

  • If you are using the DAS Wizard to create configuration file, select the actions and triggers applicable for DAS.

  • The DTD file must be stored in the same location as the XML file. The DTD file validates the XML file.

20.2.1 Creating a New Configuration File

  1. Run the DASWizard.exe available in the \SecureLogin\Tools\DAS Editor folder of the SecureLogin executables. The wizard is launched.

  2. Right-click on the action header, and select Insert Action.

  3. Specify a name for the action and press Enter. For example, WSAction.

  4. Define a child element for the action that was created.

    Right-click the action you added, click Insert Element, and select the child element. For example, map-drive.Note that the Editor will only list the DAS actions that are valid for child elements.

    NOTE:The Editor lists only the DAS actions that are valid for child elements.

  5. Specify the attributes for the child element you defined in Step 4. Note that not all of the child elements have attributes. For example, nds-logout or show-desktop do not have any required attributes. For example, if you selected map-drive in Step 4, then specify the drive letter and the UNC path to be mapped.

  6. To add a trigger to the action you have created, right-click on the header trigger, followed by selecting Insert trigger. The Editor will display a list of valid triggers that can be selected. Select the desired trigger.

  7. Specify the attributes for the trigger you selected.

  8. The configuration specified is saved to a new text file in the required XML format.

    The DTD file must be copied to the same location as the xml file that you want to edit. If you create a new configuration file by following the previous steps and require to open the file for further editing, then you need to copy the DTD file to the same location. Creating a new configuration file uses the DTD file from the DAS Editor folder for validation of the XML syntax. If the DTD file is not located the following error message is displayed:

    Error Loading XML
    Error 0x800c0006 on line x, position x
    Reason: The system cannot locate the object specified. 
    Error processing resource 'ARS_1.0.dtd'.