2.2 Installing SecretStore on a Windows Server

SecretStore is installed as part of eDirectory 8.8.x on Windows Server 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

2.2.1 Windows Server Requirements

The Windows Server latest service pack must be installed.

NOTE:The server should have a read/write replica of the partition that contains the User object for all SecretStore users.

2.2.2 Installing or Upgrading NICI

eDirectory automatically installs and configures the latest NICI and SDI. If you need to upgrade NICI, get the version you need from Novell Product Downloads.

2.2.3 Synchronizing Replicas

Because NDS or eDirectory replicas influence a SecretStore server’s operations, make sure that the replicas are properly synchronized. For information on synchronizing replicas, see the Network Time Management for NetWare Administration Guide.