2.1 Installing SecretStore on a NetWare Server

2.1.1 NetWare Requirements

  • NetWare 6.5.x server.

  • Novell eDirectory.

  • Security domain infrastructure.

  • NICI 2.7.4 or later

  • The latest support pack for your NetWare version.

  • Supervisor rights to the eDirectory tree.

  • The target server must have a read/write replica of the partition that contains the User objects for those who will use SecretStore.

2.1.2 SecretStore Service on NetWare

When you install eDirectory on NetWare, the SecretStore service is automatically installed.

In OES2 SP1 on NetWare 6.5 SP8, SecretStore is installed by default. However, it will not be configured. So, use the sssi.nlm tool to configure SecretStore on NetWare.

The mechanism that loads SecretStore is located in the autoexec.ncf file.

2.1.3 Synchronizing Replicas

Because NDS® or eDirectory replicas influence a SecretStore server’s operations, make sure that the replicas are properly synchronized. For information on synchronizing replicas, see the Network Time Management for NetWare Administration Guide.