1.0 Upgrade Overview

PlateSpin Orchestrate has been engineered to allow upgrading of PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.5 components to continue working in the PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.5 environment. The upgrade process affects the following PlateSpin Orchestrate components:

IMPORTANT:PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.1 was a private release (not generally available). Instructions for upgrading from 2.0.2 or 2.1 to Orchestrate 2.5 are identical unless otherwise indicated.

After the upgrade to 2.5, some earlier-version provisioning adapter jobs (esx, vcenter2x, vmserver) and the VMs provisioned by those jobs are not redeployed for use. Any resource or other objects previously managed by these provisioning adapters are no longer manageable, even though they still exist in PlateSpin Orchestrate.

This section explains what you must do prior to initiating the upgrade process, how the process works, and how you can see the upgrade process happening. The following information is included: