7.4 Chargeback Reporting

Use the Cost Allocation report template under the Chargeback node in the Report Explorer window to calculate chargeback values for a particular time period and to generate a report that includes chargeback data. In addition to the columns available for inventory reports, Chargeback reports can include raters attached to machines, their types, their calculated costs, and a description.

7.4.1 Generating a Report to Calculate IT Chargeback Cost

To generate a report that calculates an IT chargeback cost for a particular business unit, ensure that the Chargeback - Calculated Cost column is included in the report. In the Groups tab of the Create View dialog box, create a grouping by a column such as Machine - Department or Machine - Billing Code.

The generated report includes a total chargeback cost for every department, billing code, or any other column used for grouping.

For more information on generating reports, see Section 5.0, Generating and Viewing Charts and Reports.

7.4.2 Deriving the Calculated Cost

The Calculated Cost in the Cost Allocation report is derived based on the Rater a machine is attached to and the date range specified.

Figure 7-1 Sample Rater

A machine attached to the above Rater would be charged $1.00 for every week of 1 MHz processor use.

When the Cost Allocation report is run for this machine, PlateSpin Recon adds the weekly processor use together for each week in the report and multiplies it by the charge specified in the Rater. The following figure shows a sample processor use chart and the chargeback Cost Allocation report that would result.

Figure 7-2 Sample Chart and Correlating Chargeback Report

The four data points are added together, multiplied by the unit cost, giving you the Calculated Cost. The slight difference between this calculation and what is shown in the report is due to the chart rounding values to a single decimal place. In this case:

  • (75.8 + 137.2 + 165.4 + 97.2) * 1.00 = 475.6