7.1 Privileged Account Manager Upgrade Checklist

Upgrade your Privileged Account Manager installation using the following checklist:




  1. Review the Privileged Account Manager Release Notes to see the new functionality and understand the known issues.

PAM Documentation website

  1. Ensure that the computers on which you want to upgrade Privileged Account Manager components meet the specified requirements.

System Requirements in PAM Documentation website.

  1. (Conditional) Configure the location from where the Package Manager must download the latest packages. By default, the package manager downloads packages from the Novell update server.

Configuring the Package Manager

  1. Download and publish the latest packages on the package manager.

Publishing Packages on the Package Manager

  1. Upgrade Privileged Account Manager.

Upgrading Privileged Account Manager

  1. (Conditional) Enabling Privileged Account Manager to run in FIPS 140-2 Mode.

Enabling FIPS Mode